The 13th Walter Lovegrove Senior Open

April 27th and 28th, 2013

4  Round Swiss

Open to players 50 and over

Round One: 10:00am. Round Two: 3:30pm . - April 27th......
Round Three 10:00am, Round Four 3:30pm - April 28th
We reserve the right to start the second and fourth rounds early
if all the games are finished.

Late Registration is from 9-9:30 am on April 27th.
Time Control: 30/90; SD/30.

Entry Fee:$30 for MI members, $35 for non-members. Both $5 more after April 23rd.

Prizes (600 b/20) :$200-$125-$75. Under 2000: $80, Under 1800: $65, Under 1600: $55
All lower-rated players are eligible to win higher class prizes.

All bye requests must be made before the start of Round Two.
If your cell phone goes off in the tournament room:
First violation - 10 minutes off the clock ( or half the remaining time if less than 10 minutes). Second violation - game forfeit.
All time delay must be from move one.





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